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Emergency Response Training and Level 2 Auditing Specialists

Welcome to Live Training Professionals

We specialize in providing clients the most complete emergency management and preparedness service available today.

Live Training Professionals is a high-level risk management company that provides the Australian resources sector with site specific Level 2, 3 and 4 emergency response auditing and training, as per the Recognised Standard 8. Our experienced facilitators and emergency management professionals can also tailor and deliver emergency management team training (EMT) for your Duty Card holders, ensuring they understand their legislated responsibilities and are prepared to deal with the highest of likely scenarios that your site could face.

Everything we do is specific to the clients risk profile, no two jobs will be the same for us.Out of necessity for our clients, we have developed unique, proactive models for our services and training that ensure not only compliance, but high levels of operational competence. View our Models here

We take the headache out of emergency response and site preparedness”…

“There is a difference between compliance and competence – We are that difference”

With safety and compliance in the front of the organizational hierarchy’s mind, Can you truly afford to have an incident, and then find the response to that incident was below the acceptable standard?

With “Training for trainings sake” and a generic approach to emergency response training occurring across the workforce’s high risk sectors, there is currently no other viable form of specific training that gives the men and women responsible for managing emergencies the tools they need to be effective in times of crisis.