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We provide high-level training, specific to the organizational or site risk profile to both frontline Emergency Response Teams (ERT) and Emergency Management Teams (EMT). We do not believe in generic training. No two training sessions we conduct will ever be the same. Our Trainers are experts at analyzing a risk profile, then tailoring all training services towards the highest likely emergency situations that may occur in that workplace. We also provide a mapping document (mapped to the clients own EMP) that proves not only operational competence, but also compliance.

Cert III Mines Rescue and Response Training (ERT)


Emergency Management Team Training (EMT)

During times of crisis, decisions made by the designated EMT are critical- and can mean the difference in the outcome of that incident.

Regular training by experienced professionals is crucial in identifying potential problems in an organisation’s systems. We create scenarios specific to the risk profile or trending HPI’s, then put an unsuspecting EMT into that world of critical thinking and strategy under stress.

We then work with your team with an objective approach, identifying any potential situations or variables that could possibly occur, and put strategies and action plans in place to mitigate that situation from arising.