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RE: WHSQ Visit and Inspection.

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for making time to see me today.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and being surrounded by professionals. I was most impressed with what I observed and heard. The model you have implemented is unique, proactively geared and of a high level.

I’m halfway through your Manual and I congratulate you on a thoroughly well prepared Safety/Operational response program, your attention to detail is impressive.

If you need anything from us, please feel free to contact me at any time.



Ian Baker

Principal Inspector

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

Department of Justice and Attorney-General

To whom it may concern,

Jimmy Christiansen came to me five years ago requesting guidance for a legislation and compliance course he was developing for a client. We worked together in the development of this project, and now co-deliver the course to clients throughout the mining Industry.

This course is focused on providing mining supervisors the management skills required at their level, and also a thorough understanding and appreciation of the legislation and safety systems we are required to work under.

Jimmy is at present contracting to the Coal Mining, Petroleum and Gas industries providing a high standard of Emergency Response Coordination and Training (ERT).

During our time working together, Jimmy has displayed a great willingness to learn and walk the field of legislative interpretation. This is a hard thing to do, as well as maintain the high focus on Safety and Health outcomes. His devotion to training outcomes for the resource industry and his moral compass does not waver.

Inherent skills learnt and imbedded while he conducted work within the Australian Military. I would work with Jimmy anytime if it was in peace time or war, I would not hesitate to stand beside him and know that I would be safe and no compromise would be entered into.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jimmy for any future work or contracts he may pursue, he will get the job done, with a minimum fuss and at the highest level.


Neil Randolph

Mines Inspector

Department of Mines and Energy

To whom it may concern,

On Saturday 15th of July 2017, one of our employees collapsed on the workshop floor and went into cardiac arrest. He died 4 times within 20 minutes, and each time The ERT team managed to bring him back.

The paramedics also lost him 3 times during the medivac. He survived this ordeal and has regained full cognitive function.

Both paramedics and emergency care doctors treating our employee have acknowledged that if it weren’t for the actions of the ERT team, he would undoubtedly would not have survived.

Australian Rescue Professionals have done an excellent job preparing our rescue and response capability, and I have no hesitation recommending their services to any company requiring ERT training.


Darren Cuthbertson

Middlemount Coal

To whom it may concern,

Project: APLNG Upstream Projects

Subject: Emergency Response Coordination / ERT Training

I had the pleasure of working with Mr Christiansen and Live Training Professionals for three years, on four of the Seven Australian Pacific Gas compressor Stations we built for Origin Energy.

We had an average 550 people on each site with a range of construction activities from confined space work in vessels, Confined spaces at height, working at height 35 meters on steel structures, and using 70 meter Tower cranes. Our workforce varied from Trade apprentices to experienced oil and gas professionals. LTP coordinated our ERT capability and trained our seven volunteer ERT teams from this pool.

Jimmy was actively involved in the selection criteria, training of our site ERT, developing the organisational response capability and maintaining a standard equivalent to full time rescue professionals.

This also included the training of EMT staff on duty card roles and responsibilities in emergency situations. We also ran full project emergency evacuations with the assistance of Origin Energy for the 550 men in preparation of the commissioning phases, many of these live evacuations with different scenario`s: Our average time to evacuate a Project and roll – call was 14 minutes.

Working at Heights and Confined Spaces was one of the main risk exposures for personnel identified by LTP and LOR- Most sites being at least 35 minutes plus response time from local emergency services. The implementation of the recommendations LTP provided our organisation far exceeded the existing best practice guidelines, demonstrating the commitment that LTP had in providing the highest ERT standard for our employees across the 7 sites.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jimmy and LTP for any Project, specifically large projects with multiple worksites in isolated working environments.

Yours Faithfully,

David McCaig

Snr Construction Manager

Laing O’Rourke Australia

To Whom It May Concern:

During 2013/14/15 Laing O’Rourke was engaged by Origin Energy to construct 7 gas plants in the Surat Basin. The project was costed at 1.4 Billion dollars. During this time I was engaged to assume overall accountability for Health and Safety for the project.

During start up, we experienced significant industrial action due to the inadequacy of our ERT capability. I engaged Jimmy Christiansen of Live Training Professionals, in the capacity of Emergency Response Coordinator / ERT Trainer.

In this capacity Jimmy was accountable not only for the development and training of 7 ERT teams, but also for the training of our leadership team in our crisis management plan. Jimmy was also responsible for the maintaining of the Emergency Management Plan documentation in alignment to the document management team.

I observed the professional manner in which Jimmy developed 7 teams of volunteer construction tradesman into highly trained and very efficient ERT personnel.

The emergency management model that Jimmy implemented was perfect for multiple sites, all with evolving and very different risk profiles.

Jimmy understands the necessity of achieving an objective within a given timeframe and budget.

His attention to detail, proactive mindset and ability to lead and manage multiple teams at a high level, makes Jimmy and his company LTP an easy recommendation to any company that requires results within defined boundaries.

Kind Regards,

Mark Filtness

Managing Director

Safe Productive Business Solutions PTY LTD

To whom it may concern,

It is with pleasure that I provide a reference for Live Training Professionals.

Live Training Professionals were contracted by Origin Energy to provide a standby rescue capability for all non-frequent high risk maintenance and construction tasks that were required to be carried out on our Gas Plants on the APLNG project in the Surat Basin during the 2012-13 period.

This work is classified in the “extreme high-risk” category due to the necessity of keeping the Gas Processing Facilities online whilst these tasks were being undertaken, and the nature of the potential harm to life.

Live Training Professionals were tasked with setting up the rescue platform for each job, providing a safe means of access and egress for our technicians and ensuring the exposure to risk aspect of the job was kept to minimum for the duration of the task. At no stage in any of the these tasks were any personnel placed at unnecessary risk due to the professional manner that Live Training Professionals carried out their roles.

A real sense of security and safety was felt by the staff working with the team.

During my time with Origin Energy and in my capacity as the Senior Field Advisor, Emergency Response and Security, I supervised these jobs and witnessed a very professional and competent team; conduct themselves with a no-nonsense and methodical approach to such a high-risk working environment.

It was a pleasure to observe a team go about these high -risk activities with confidence and real ability.

I have no hesitation in recommending Live Training Professionals for any tasks in the emergency response, preparedness, training and incident management field.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further clarification


Wayne Waltisbuhl


Regional Manager Brisbane

Brisbane Regional Office

Rural Fire Service Queensland

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

To whom it may concern,

Live Training Professionals are the company we use for all of our emergency response, risk management and safety training nationwide. They have excellent trainers who are highly experienced and professional.

Our employees often request more training from this company and that really says it all. I couldn’t recommend them enough, easy to deal with, excellent results…

Jason Stewart

National Training Manager/

Qualifications Coordinator

Transpacific Waste Industries